Revista Oracle Java Magazine – Setembro/Outubro 2015

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Consistent with our new commitment to being a more technical publication, we jump right in with a tutorial on testing JavaFX. Then we revisit JUnit, with a look at eight really handy featuresfor writing tests that are greatly underused (automated creation and mop-up of temporary files, for example). Next we examinehow to build a test grid for exercising web apps on hundreds of different browser-OS combinations. We move on to stress testing Java EE apps. Finally, we talk with the folks at Atlassian about how they have moved their entire QA department into development—how they did it and why they think it has worked out for them.

This issue begins a new, long-running series for us: coverage of JVM languages. We will introduce one JVM language per issue, starting here with Kotlin, the low-ceremony language developed by the folks at JetBrains.

If that’s not enough tech, we have Part 2 of Venkat Subramaniam’s article on functional programming in Java and another installment of our coverage of CDI in Java EE.

For somewhat lighter reading, we offer a conceptual introduction to microservices and an advice column on career development.

And, of course, our detailed, opinionated book reviews, a series ofquiz questions from certification exams, letters to the editor, and a schedule of upcoming Java events.

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