Revista Oracle Java Magazine – Maio/Junho 2014

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Seven Open Source Tools for Java Deployment
Bruno Souza and Edson Yanaga present a set of tools that you can use now to drastically improve the deployment process on projects big or small.

Developer Tools and Trends 
Oracle’s Chris Tonas discusses plans for NetBeans IDE 9, Oracle’s support for Eclipse, and key trends in the software development space.

Quick and Easy Conversion to Java SE 8 with NetBeans IDE 8 
Discover new tools in NetBeans 8 for leveraging the functional features of Java SE 8.

Build with NetBeans IDE, Deploy to Oracle Java Cloud Service 
Harshad Oak shows you how to save time and effort deploying applications.

A Sprint in the Life of a Scrum Master 
Take a tour of a development team’s Scrum sprint.

HTML5 and JSF 
Mix and match the two technologies to create sophisticated applications.

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