Oracle Java Magazine Setembro/Outubro 2013

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Seize the Cloud
Develop, deploy, and manage your applications in the cloud with Java EE and Oracle Java Cloud Service.

2013 Duke’s Choice Award Winners 
From the serious to the whimsical, the 2013 Duke’s Choice Award winners include Java projects in medicine, technology, transportation, aeronautics, education, and entertainment.

Hands on with Oracle Java Cloud Service 
Get an introduction to Oracle’s platform-as-a-service Java offering and find out what to look for in a cloud service vendor.

Java 8: Lambdas 
Get ready for Java SE 8 with part 2 in our series on getting to know lambda expressions.

JCP Executive Series: Gemalto M2M 
We talk with Thomas Lampart and Florian Denzin about M2M, Java, and the JCP.

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